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 Publisher Double Bass & Violin
 Susanne McAllister

Published on:2009-8-16 22:10
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am interested in your line of musical instruments. My firm has been supplying musical instruments via firms in New York & London for the past several years.
A new contact, Andy Chen, suggested I would be well advised to contact your firm whose reputation he is familiar with.
I am having trouble navigating your web site to secure information on materials, contstruction method and pricing.
Would you be good enough to come back to me with this information together with the cost of sample instruments & shipping to Dublin, Republic of Ireland.
Kind regards,
Susanne McAllister
CEO & President
Kensington Commodities LLC
3 Marina Walk
Co. Clare
Republic of Ireland
 Publisher 1/2 sized cello
 Lirong Huo

Published on:2009-7-13 19:57
My son is learning cello for a year and we'd like to buy a 1/2 sized cello for learning. could you please let me know how much will it cost?

Thanks you,
Lirong Huo
 Host's reply Reply on :2009-7-14 08:53
Hello Lirong Huo , Thank you for your interest in our forest violins. Understand your needs,we have Super Fine, A,B,C,D grades, and the price range is from USD$300.00 to USD$2000.00.We wonder for which grade of 1/2 sized cello are you interested in ? Where are you from? If you have time to visit China, you are very welcomed to visit our factory then!   Any question, please feel free to contact us!   We are looking forward to hearing from you  soon! Miss Li  
 Publisher Price for sized violin and bow + postage to Aust.?

Published on:2009-7-6 14:22
Hi, Please send the cost in $AU for
1 x 1/4 sized student violin + bow and case?
1 x 1/20 sized student violin + bow and case?
postage cost to Australia?
Thank you.
 Publisher 300 year old violin

Published on:2009-6-15 20:49
Wondering about the price on this instrument. Is it possible to order for delivery
to the US?

 Publisher guitar Identification

Published on:2009-6-1 14:29
I just bought a acoustic guitar that says "forest" on it It also has a sticker inside that says "D 20" Did you make this guitar?
 Publisher Double Bass Dealer in US
 Chris Walsh

Published on:2009-5-20 23:20
I bought one of your basses several years ago. I would like another. I live in Oregon, in the USA. Can you help me?
 Host's reply Reply on :2009-5-23 10:34
Chris Walsh, Thank you for your email and interest to buy our double bass again. It is really our great pleasure to help you for your order. How much was the double bass you bought? Are you going to buy the same leveled or better ? We have some nice double basses so far, could you like to have a look of the pictures? Do you need us to ship it to USA? Please feel free to contact us! We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!
 Publisher Rental

Published on:2009-5-4 12:34
Hi there!

I am interested in renting a violin for about one month. Is that possible? It is for my daughter who is 11 years old and I think she needs a 3/4 violin.

Thank you,
 Host's reply Reply on :2009-5-8 08:38
hello! Where are you from ? are you in beijing now? If you want to rent our 3/4 violin, you need to pay deposit, and 30RMB one day for renting a violin. Best wish for you! miss mei
 Publisher t20 violin

Published on:2009-3-10 10:32
im trying to value a violin t20.any ideas?

 Host's reply Reply on :2009-3-12 10:47
Dear Friend, Thank you for your interest in our forest violins. Can you tell me your detailed requirement? Where are you from?
 Publisher cello rental
 Natalie Halliday

Published on:2009-2-11 05:41
I am looking for a cello to rent for 2 months, just wondering if this might be possible and how much it would cost.
 Host's reply Reply on :2009-2-15 11:52
hi! What size is the cello? The deposit is half value of the rent cello ,in addition,you will pay RMB1800 hire to me for 2 months .You can come to my factory ,but you must call me before you come here . Are you in beijing now? TEL:0086-010-69732250.
 Publisher Inquiry
 Harald Knierim

Published on:2009-2-1 09:28
Dear Sirs,

we are a small company importing bowed instruments from China to Europe. Could you send us some info and a price list on your violins, violas and cellos by mail?
By the way: I am searching for an alternative to the Luis and Clark product line. They sell carbon fiber violins, violas and cellos made from carbon fabric. These instruments sound really good. But they seem to be the only company in the world with these products. Did you ever consider building such instruments? This could be an absolutely reproductive way to make good sounding instruments without the need to wait for the drying of the tone wood, to select the right wood and to adapt the appropriate thickness to the wood you are using. The carbon material is homogeneous, very stiff and very light and sound is transferred faster and more easily than through spruce and maple. Nevertheless, a good wooden instrument made by an experienced master is by far the best. But it could be advantegeous for the Chinese music schools to have robust and good sounding instruments. So it could be a good idea for the cultural progress in your country and in my country.

Here are two;=related

Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Harald Knierim
Celliona Bowed Instruments
H. Knierim & T. Stadtler GbR
Baerweg 3 D-44388 Dortmund
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