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Beijing Forest Violins Brief


Beijing Forest Violin Instrument LTD was established in 1992 and only make high quality handmade violinsviolas, cellos and double bases. We are the only manufacturer receiving the authorization and approval of the China Laboratory which is responsible for reviewing the quality control for musical instruments. We are identified as the best in quality by the National Technology Supervision Bureau among the violin making enterprises in China. We have been awarded the Title of Credible Quality and the Chinese well-known Brand for successive years as the leading manufactory in China.


The Founder of Forest Violin, Maestro Maolin Song is also the founding member and current Vice Chairman of the China Violin Making Committee, the Director of the China Musical Instrument Association, the Senior Advisor of China Symphony Orchestra and the Chief of the Musical Instrument Lab of China Central Opera. With over 40 years of experience of studying and teaching violins, violas, cellos and double basses making, Maestro Maolin Song has been praised as the “Father of Beijing Luthiers”, since ninty percent of the luthiers are his students in Beijing area.


In 70's, Maestro Maolin Song studied violin making from the renowned Maestro Hongxiang Dai who is the first Chinese winning the Gold in the international competition. Maestro Maolin Song has won a great number of awards and praise in violin making competitions since 1987. Maestro Maolin Song has created “Forest Violin” from in depth studies of the classical masters- such as Amati, Stradivari, Guarneri and the contemporary masters, such as Morrassi, Beare. This has allowed “Forest” to reach an unmatchable level in acoustics, artistic and aesthetic terms. With over 40 years of practice and research, Maestro Maolin Song created precedents for the history of China violin making industry, such as discovering the best spruce in Xinjiang Province of China as well as the rare 300 years old spruce which is above price, used to be the girder of Chinese traditional buildings. Forest violins, violas, cellos and double basses made by the 300 years old girder spruce have not only received considerable compliments from a great number of violinists, cellists and soloists, but also made great contribution to the development of the sound quality of China violin instruments.


Forest’ produces the most complete models and sizes of violin, violas, cello, and double bass. Each Forest instrument obtains unique acoustic characteristics of absolute excellence, great power and sound volume, warm and deep timbre and a clear, clean sound with immediate response. The shapes strictly copy Stradivari and Guarnarri’s model of 18th’s. 

Each Forest Instrument takes about three to six months in the making under a strict quality control process, and then it is inspected and adjusted by Maestro Maolin Song. Forest violins, violas, cellos and double basses also receive appraisals from select national orchestra players before being put on sale.


“Forest Violin” and “Maolin Violin” are registered trademarks in the U.S. since 1999, and 90% of Forest instruments have been exported world widely over 20 years receiving compliments and appreciations constantly.


It is not only our years of experience but also our unique well seasoned wood that distinguishes Forest Instruments from others. In order to ensure Forest the superior tone quality, Maestro Maolin Song Strictly follows the golden rule of violin making, which is to keep the wood seasoned. The longer the seasoning period of the wood is, the more stable the wood fiber structure is, and the better the tone quality is. With over 40 years of experience, Maestro Maolin Song has never destroyed the tone quality by drying the wood by fire in order to simply seek the immediate interest just like what other luthiers do. He is a man of great vision and stored a great number of seasoned and microbial processed spruce and maple 30 years ago. Every year, he invests heavily in reserving more and better wood in order to lay a solid foundation for a century enterprise, which is unique in the world and any enterprise cannot go beyond and match in the world.

Maestro Victor Carlo, the Italian well-know violin making maestro and judge, judged Forest violin instruments were made out of the “European spruce” It means that the Chinese spruce found by Maestro Maolin Song has no difference with European spruce. Our well seasoned wood is some of the finest available in the world today in the construction of stringed instruments. Andrea Bang, the maestro of Stradivari violin vanish restoring, who visited many of the world's top violin factory, including the most famous Italian Ceremonies. However, when he saw Forest storages and so many pieces of spruce and maple with the longest seasoned period, he was shocked and said ‘Forest violin is the Palace of Violin of the World’. He also wrote ‘Forest Violin, the Best Violin of the world’.

The most significant contribution of Maestro Maolin Song to the development of China violin making industry is his discovery of the 300 years old spruce, which was used to be Girder of Chinese traditional buildings. After a rigorous comparison and experiment, Maestro Maolin Song found that the violins, violas, cellos and double basses made out of such rare and unique Girder have outstanding sound quality with great power of appealing and penetration. Its near-perfect sound is very similar to the Stradivarius violin valued of 6 million US dollars which was played by Maestro Maolin Song in Detroit Institute of Arts in the U.S. Such girder made violin instruments are not only suitable for solo performances but have a high collection value. Maestro Maolin Song’s Girder violins, violas have won many praises. Many international judges, including Pro. Wang Chang Hai of China Central Conservatory of Music, were shocked in 2001 Hasakestan international competition. All of the judged agreed that Maestro Maolin Song’s Girder viola’s third and fourth strings’ color and depth of sound were much better than another Germen viola valued of 200,000 US dollars. In 2007 International Stradivari violin appreciation concert hold in Japan and Korea, Maestro Maolin Song’s Girder violin was identified as the best one and the most like Stradivarius violin among many international violin masters’ violins.


With the outstanding sound and craftsmanship quality and the complete and professional after-sales service system of lifelong trade-in and free maintenance, Forest Violin has won the favor of a great number of violinists, cellists and soloists from the world-class symphony orchestras, such as Bavarian Symphony Orchestra, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and orchestras from Austria, Switzerland, Britain, America, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Australia, Japan. All of the top ranking symphony orchestras are all Forest instruments’ loyal clients including China National Symphony Orchestra, China Central Opera Symphony Orchestra, Central Conservatory of Music, China Conservatory of Music, Shang Hai Conservatory of Music, Tian Jin Conservatory of Music, Guang Zhou Conservatory of Music. The lists continue increased.


Our goal is to make immortal masterpieces. We believe with our unremitting efforts, more and more China’s violins, violas, cellos and double basses will

Show their great power in the world top music halls.